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How do the GOP Candidates Look Going into Iowa

GOP Strategist John Thomas joins us to give his opinion.


GOP strategist John Thomas & CSULB journalism professor John Shrader talk Trump's latest move

GOP strategist John Thomas and CSU Long Beach journalism professor John Shrader stopped by Studio 11 LA to break down Trump’s latest move.



The biggest star of the GOP debates swears he’s sitting out Thursday night’s debate in Des Moines. Donald Trump told Fox News if Megyn Kelly was moderating the debate, he wouldn’t go.


The network decided to stick with Kelly. The question now is whether he’ll stick to his promise. Is this another brilliant media strategy by the Republican Frontrunner? Or could it give a much needed break to his opponents?

GOP strategist John Thomas and CSU Long Beach journalism professor John Shrader stopped by Studio 11 LA to break down Trump’s latest move. You can see for yourself when the GOP debate takes place Thursday. Coverage begins at 4pm on Fox News Channel.


Who Came Out Ahead of the GOP Debate?

John Thomas, GOP consultant and Ron Brownstein, CNN Senior Political Analyst discuss the Republican debate in South Carolina.
CNN, January 15, 2016




SoCaL Insider with Rick Reiff - Race for LA Mayor



Shop Talk: Is a digital obsession handicapping campaigns?
Campaigns & Elections


C&E: What are the major takeaways from the 2014 cycle?

John Thomas: The obsession with digital is just that, and I don’t think it’s necessarily justified. It’s all about big more

Consultant's profile rises quickly on L.A.'s political landscape

John Thomas, 27, has drawn praise for skills that benefit his candidates, who are mostly Republican. He is uncannily at ease advising people twice his age. But his tactics don't win unanimous support.
LA Times


It was hardly your typical stump speech, and that's just the way the young strategist wanted it.

"Show them how you do your job for the taxpayers," John S. Thomas had advised his client, a candidate for L.A. County district attorney who three years earlier had won the murder conviction of music producer Phil more


Greg Smith Turns the Tables on the City Attorney's Race
CityWatch LA


The moderate Democrat ultimately hooked up with John Thomas, the downtown-dwelling hotshot who recently propelled the almost completely unknown Alan Jackson over Smith's opponent Trutanich when Trutanich recently ran for District Attorney.  It's no secret that Thomas's candidates typically lean a little more


Police Rights Attorney Gregory Smith Formally Declares Los Angeles City Attorney Candidacy
Metropolitan News


Shallman is now handling the Feuer campaign. John Thomas, who successfully guided Trutanich’s 2009 bid for city attorney, is managing Smith’s effort, along with those of Jackson and mayoral candidate Kevin James.

Trutanich has no signs of a campaign organization, and has not filed papers with the Ethics Commission indicating an intention of raising more

Tru-ly Stunning: Carmen Trutanich's Spectacular Flameout

Los Angeles Downtown News


Downtown Los Angeles — Tru disaster.

Tru devastation.

Tru-ly stunning.

That’s the only way to describe the spectacular flameout of Carmen Trutanich in Tuesday’s District Attorney’s race. The man who every observer expected would waltz into the runoff, if not win the seat outright, suffered a cataclysmic failure, stumbling into a third-place finish. Even if he somehow squeaks into second place once provisional ballots are counted and the race is certified, the net result is the same: The man who outraised his competitors by a more than two-to-one margin pulled barely 22% of the more


A Few Rays of Hope Despite Dismal Voter Turnout — Like Not Having to Kick Trutanich Around Much Longer

Ron Kaye L.A.


Jackson’s political consultant John Thomas — who worked on Trutanich’s City Attorney campaign and felt betrayed like so many us who backed him — said in a statement:

“The Jackson campaign took on Carmen Trutanich and saved the people of Los Angeles County from a politician who was more concerned about winning the next office instead of winning the next case. We were outraised, outspent and outsized by the City Attorney, yet we prevailed because voters clearly want a modern prosecutor not a politician.” more

Searching for the Next Mayor of LA Comes Down to a Simple Theme: Inside vs. Outside

By John Thomas, FlashReport


More than a year out, the 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral race is shaping up to be a contest of insiders versus an outsider. Thus far, the race is composed of three LA City Council members, one former Villaraigosa senior official, the Controller of LA, who was a former two-termed councilwoman and a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and entertainment lawyer by day, local talk radio show host by more

In the Race for the White House - It Takes a Wardrobe.

By John Thomas, FlashReport


Last week’s Presidential debate on MSNBC should have been about the candidates’ positions on the issues and how well they operate under pressure of a national spotlight. While that may be true in part, the non-verbal cues projected from each would-be President speak more loudly than any one sound more


Obama Unveils Strategic “Forward” thinking

By John Thomas, Fox & Hounds


Monday morning, President Obama unveiled his 2012 campaign slogan, ”Forward”, in a new eight minute web advertisement selectively highlighting his record as POTUS while contrasting Mitt Romney and Republicans as the party of “No.” This eight minute ad is significant not only because it officially kicks off Obama’s general election campaign, but because it clearly illuminates his strategic direction to victory this November.  Let’s take a few moments to dissect the messaging behind this ad and the foreshadowing it lays for the rest of the more