Baking recipes to try when you're stuck at home! Cooking and baking has seen a major resurgence due to the stay-at-home orders. While I hope this will all be over soon and am saddened for the people suffering and losing family members, I'm happy that at least one good thing that has come out of all this. And, I'm thrilled that baking is making people's quarantine time feel more fulfilling. Depending on where you live,
How organized is your pantry? Here are 10 easy tips to get you started. Getting organized is not always the hard part. Often, staying organized is the problem! This is where organizational systems come into play. They create spaces that not only look great and function well, but are almost SELF-PERPETUATING. Most of us don't have custom, professionally designed pantry solutions, like the stunners you see from companies like The Project Neat. But, that doesn't
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Where do you start organizing when you "don't even know where to start?" A messy, disorganized home can be extremely daunting. And, honestly, who has the time these days for a tidiness overhaul? Even in quarantine, life is surprisingly busy. So, what do you do when you're standing in clutter, staring at a sink full of dirty dishes or a jam packed closet with belongings spilling onto the floor? Here are three approaches to declutter
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Accomplish more in less time! Tips to increase your productivity. I love productivity. It leaves me feeling accomplished and rids me of those pesky tasks hanging over my head, those subconscious stressors. Yes, it's harder to get things done since I had my daughter. But, it's still very possible to be highly productive. Read on for twelve of my tips to increase productivity and accomplish more in less time! Read More
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Breaking down the steps to seamless overnight visitors Out of town friend coming to couch surf? Family staying over for the holiday week? Even though I personally love having houseguests and we entertain guests regularly, it is still a lot of work having other people stay in your home. Check out my top tips to help you prepare for your upcoming visitors. Go above and beyond to make them feel special and right at home.
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